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Precision Processing Systems®, LLC

Precision Processing Systems (PPS) is a leading contract CNC part with inside viewMilitary Jetmachining company with a well established reputation for producing quality machine parts. PPS has a thirty year track record of satisfied customers in aerospace, textile, electronic, medical, automotive and scientific industries. The talent and experience of the PPS team, the dedication to the manufacture of precision machine parts, and the customer-first approach to service have rightfully earned PPS the preeminent status it deserves among machining companies. We have successfully combined the expertise and capabilities of a large corporation with the congenial customer relationships of a smaller company.

CNC part in productionCNC aircraft componentOur state-of-the-art capabilities and complementary resources enable us to complete turn key CNC machining jobs to customer specifications. Our manufacturing facility includes over 35 CNC machines housed in 60,000 square feet of climate controlled space. We offer in-house CAD/CAM engineeringCNC Components assistance and use computerized calibration systems. PPS can accommodate your needs for CNC turning, CNC milling, or CNC Swiss machine work with precision at the highest quality level.
We believe that PPS can provide theMRAP best quality machined parts at the most cost-effective price. PPS is committed to this belief. The quality system that is in place at PPS ensures production of precision machine parts and also results in economic savings for customers through the elimination of steps in quality inspections at the customer level. We also understand that on-time and/or “just-in-time” delivery is a “must” for customer satisfaction. We work to improve and expedite delivery services in order to meet or exceed theseSikorsky Black Hawk customer expectations. At PPS we diligently strive to continuously improve through the conscientious implementation of innovative systems. This dedication to continuous improvement generates value-added solutions for each customer.
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The PPS team also believes that “effort is no excuse for results.”
We get the job done!

Our parent company, SPI was designated one of the fastest growing private companies in America, ranking as one of the top 100 manufacturing companies in the Inc. 5000 for 2008 and 2009.

The Wall Street Journal Business Center film, "A Vision to Succeed" offers further insight into our unique capabilities.

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Milling/Turning/Swiss Screw
Our machine operations can address your range of product needs, from prototype and short production runs on our CNC machines, to high volume manufacturing. We work with your engineers to ensure machined parts meet customer expectations for fit, form, and function and can be manufactured in the most cost effective manner possible. Our state-of-the-art, multi-axis machining centers enable us to reduce setup time and allows for greater tolerance capabilities.
Our milling machines have vertical and horizontal capabilities facilitating the production of a wide variety of complex parts. Our two pallet shuttle systems enable us to machine parts on one pallet while loading parts on the other pallet, thus reducing production time. Our machine centers have multi spindles, multi turrets, high pressure coolants, programmable indexes, tilting rotary tables, and simultaneous machining operations. These machining options enable PPS to manufacture complex machine parts with great precision within shorter time frames.
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