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Equipment Listing

as of 8/1/2008

Turning Machine Centers

Mori Seiki NZ2000T2Y2Mori Seiki NZ2000T2Y2

Multi-axis turning center with two spindles, two turrets and two Y-axis.

Mori Seiki NZ2000T2Y2 Specs
Mori Seiki ZT1500YBMori Seiki ZT1500YB

The ZT1500YB is a compact 65 mm dia. (2.5 in.) "large bar work" machine, the most compact in the world of its kind with a maximum 8-inch class bar work capacity.  To ensure the machine would have unrivalled bar work capacity as well as high output, high rigidity, and a compact size, the spindle's built-in motor was designed from the ground up. The turret comes equipped with quick-change specifications as a standard feature* which allows rapid exchange of tools in each holder to match the type of machining that is being done. Additionally, the Y-axis travel for the upper turret is set to ±50 mm (±2.0 in.) – the largest in its class.  The ZT Series of dual-processing turning centers features a two-spindle/two turret machine design. Two spindle stocks with the same capacity are placed opposite each other, and turrets that can be moved along the X- and Z- axis are located above and below the spindle center. In order to deliver optimum process balance in a self-contained two-step process, workpieces on either of the spindles can be accessed from either of the turrets, on top or below.

Mori Seiki CL2000BT
Mori Seiki CL2000BTMori Seiki CL2000BT Specs Mori Seiki SL-0F
with 3 Jaw Chuck, Max. Swing Over Bed 7.5" Max. Length 7.5"

Mori Seiki SL-00
with 3 Jaw Chuck, CPS-16 LNS Collet Chuck, LNS Super Hydrobar Type HYS 6.32 HS-5.2 Bar Feed for 1/16"-1 1/4" Dia. Bars, Tailstock

Mori Seiki SL-25
with Tailstock AD 65 Riken Collet Chuck, 10"-3 Jaw Chuck CNC Hydrobar Feed for 3/4"-2 1/2" Bars, Max. Swing Over Bed and Door/Cross Slide 20"/13.7" and Max. Length 24.6"

Mori Seiki SL-2
with AD 65 Collet Chuck, CNC Hydrobar Feed for 3/4"-2 1/2" Bars, Max. Swing Over Bed and Door/Cross Slide 20"/13.7" and Max. Length 16"

Eurotech 710 SLL
Fanuc 18TT 7 Axis Control  •  40 to 4,000 RPM Spindles   •  9" Color Monitor
35 Horsepower Main Spindle  •  Full Keyboard  •  10 Horsepower Sub-spindle
Graphic Cutting Display  •  Collet System for Bar Work  •  Auto Part Transfer
12 Station upper Turret  •  45° Extra Rigid Bed Design  •  12 Station Lower Turret
2 Spindles  •  2 Turrets  •  0.7 Second/Station Indexing  •  7 Axis Simultaneous Mach.
180°  Index - 1.83 Seconds  •  Main Spindle First Operation  •  787 IPM Z-Axis & B-Axis
Sub-spindle Secondary Op.  •  787 IPM X-Axis  •  32-bit CPU High-Speed CNC
Programmable Parts Catcher  •  Simultaneous Operations  •  Double Tool Probe

Milling Machine Centers

Mori Seiki DuraVerticalMori Seiki DuraVertical (2)
With its sturdiness and simplicity and its high flexibility and versatility, the DuraVertical offers the superior cost performance of stable, reliable operation and high-precision, high-quality machining. Based on the concept of highest-level basic performance and reliability, it provides powerful support for our customers' machining, to produce precisely what you need at exceptional value.

Mori Seiki Duracenter (2)
By using DDS (Direct Drive Spindle) motor gearless technology, the Duracenter5 ensures that the full power of the spindle is applied at all speeds. The No. 40 taper spindle reaches its maximum speed of 12,000 rpm in 1.1 seconds. The automatic tool changer also increases productivity with a tool-to-tool time of 1.0 second. The Duracenter 5 features a rapid traverse rate of 945 ipm on all axes. The vertical machining center handles work pieces weighing up to 1,760 lbs. on its 43.3 in. by 23.6 in. worktable.
Okuma MC-V4020 (3)Okuma MC-V4020Okuma MC-V4020 SpecsMiyano MTV-T350
Miyano MTV-T350Miyano MTV-T350 Specs
Kitamura Mycenter H400
Fanuc 15mb control  •  10,000 RPM Spindle  •  Tool Life Management
 100 Tool attached (CT40)   •  Coordinate System Rotation G68
 2 Station APC  •  Auto Corner Override  •  Work Coordinate Offset 54 PCs
 Tool Offset 200 PCs  •  Shower & Wash Coolant  •  4th Axis Rotary Table
Coolant thru Spindle  •  Registerable Programs 200 PCs  •  Caterpillar Chip Conveyor
Helical Interpolation SDP G60  •  Spindle Oil Chiller  •  High Speed Remote Buffer

Fanuc Drill Mate (2)
Model T10 with Fanuc OMC CNC Control System with 25.6"x14.9" Table Size, Work Envelope is 19.7"x14.9"x11.8", 10 Tool Carousel

Mori - Seiki MV-JR
Vertical Maching Center with 35.4"x17.7" Table size, Work Envelope is 22"x16.1"x18.1", 20 Tool Carousel

Mori - Seiki MV-45
Vertical Maching Center with 43.3"x17.7" Table size, Work Envelope is 30"x17.7"x19", 20 Tool Carousel

Mori Seiki MT-1
Multi-Turn Lathe with Twin Spindles, Twin Turrets and Milling Head; 40-Tool Capacity

Mori Seiki MT-2
Multi-Turn Lathe with Twin Spindles, Twin Turrets and Milling Head; 60-Tool Capacity

Swiss Machine Centers

Citizen L-32Mori Seiki DuraVerticalCitizen L-32 InsideCitizen L-32 SpecsTsugami BE-19
Tsugami BE-19Tsugami BE-19 Specs
Citizen F-20
CNC Swiss Automatic with Fanuc 0TB Controls. Two Turrets with 5 Tools Each and Automatic Bar Feeder

Citizen L-25
100% Servo Equipped   •  9" Monitor  •  6 Axis Control
2 Spindles  •  7.5 Horsepower Spindle  •  17 Tool Capacity
4 Live Tools  •  Max. Dia. 1.0"  •  Length Per Chucking 10.0"
8,000 RPM Main Spindle  •  6,000 RPM Sub-spindle

Star VNC-20
CNC Swiss Automatic with Fanuc 3TC Controls. Two Turrets with 6 Tools Each and LNS Hydrobar Feeder

Mori Seiki MT-1
Multi-Turn Lathe with Twin Spindles, Twin Turrets and Milling Head; 40-Tool Capacity

Mori Seiki MT-2
Multi-Turn Lathe with Twin Spindles, Twin Turrets and Milling Head; 60-Tool Capacity

CNC Electro Discharge Machining (EDM)

Mitsubishi EDM FA10SMitsubishi EDM FA10S Specs

Mitsubishi EDM DWC90HA

General Specifications:

Max workpiece Dimensions (W x D x H)...... 350mm x 400mm x 160mm
                                           13.78in x 15.75in x 6.30in
Maximum workpiece weight ................. 175 kg
                                           386 lbs
Table Dimensions ......................... 420mm x 510mm
                                           16.54in x 20.08in
Machining Range (X x Y) .................. 250mm x 300mm
                                           9.84in x 11.81in
Table Fast-feed Speed .................... 1300 mm/min
                                           51.18 in/min
Wire Diameter ............................ 0.03mm ~ 0.33mm
                                           0.004in ~ 0.013in
Max. Wire-feed Rate ...................... 250 mm/sec
                                           9.84 in/sec
Wire Tension ............................. 200 g ~ 2500 g
                                           0.44 lbs ~ 55 lbs

Surface Grinding 

Kent USA 24"x80" Surface GrinderKent USA 24x80 Surface Grinder Specs

Proprietary Equipment

Southern Prestige Industries has developed a number of machines internally - many of which are used in our Precision Perforated Products division.

While we certainly take advantage of the latest technological advances the industry offers 'off the shelf', our ability to develop and build proprietary production equipment internally has proven time and again to benefit our customers.