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ISO 9001:2008

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AS 9100

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ProEdge Precision, LLC®
Quality System Terms and Conditions



The subcontractor/supplier shall provide ProEdge Precision, its customers and regulatory authorities access to the applicable areas of all facilities at any level of the supply chain involved in the order and to all applicable records to verify and determine quality of work, records, and material, including CAD/CAM/CAI quality systems.  The subcontractor/supplier shall provide necessary information, facilities, and equipment to perform the required tests, inspections and verifications.  The subcontractor/supplier shall notify ProEdge Precision if it is discovered after shipment that nonconforming products/services have been provided to ProEdge Precision.  ProEdge Precision must approve in writing any product/service that does not meet requirements as defined by the ProEdge Precision purchase order and the ProEdge Precision Quality System Terms and Conditions.  Verification by ProEdge Precision or its customer does not absolve the subcontractor of the responsibility to provide acceptable product nor will it preclude subsequent rejection.  Such verification shall not be used by the subcontractor as evidence of the effective control of quality.  Suppliers are required to notify ProEdge Precision in writing when there is significant change in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, as well as facility or organizational change such as company name, location, or senior quality management.  Subcontractors/suppliers are required to flow down their supply chain all ProEdge Precision requirements as defined on the ProEdge Precision purchase order and the ProEdge Precision Quality System Terms and Conditions.

Note:  All specialty metals must comply with FAR 252.225-7014


The subcontractor/supplier shall provide a system for indicating the inspection status of articles throughout all stages of manufacture.  Identification may be accomplished by means of stamps, tags, routing cards, move tickets, cards or other control devices that are attached to, or travel with the product.  Adequate records of inspection, test and gage calibration, and other quality control activities shall be maintained on file for a minimum of seven (7) years. 

Test Data on File

Raw materials records shall be maintained on file by subcontractor/supplier and identify lot number, material type, specification, and heat number.


Supplier Evaluation Process

Records will be maintained on a continual basis regarding the performance of suppliers in the following categories:  1) On-time Delivery, 2) Part or Delivery Acceptance Rate, and 3) Proper Documentation.  Corrective actions will be requested if problems occur.  If these fail to improve the condition, a supplier may be removed from the Approved Supplier List.

 TC-1                                            Rev. 2                                            1/25/11