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Specialty Precision Perforating®, LLC

Perforated filmSpecialty Precision Perforating (SPP) is a prime global source for soft goods perforation. Our slogan is, “We perforate for the HOLE world!”  SPP has unparalleled expertise in both micro and standard perforation. We convert various materials for large international corporations, as well as for smaller companies according to our customer needs.

SPP perforates the majority of the vinyl used throughout the world for creating one-way vision images.  In fact, SPP perforated several products with one-way graphic imagery used extensively at the 2008 Summer Olympics in China.  We are widely known as the foremost provider of material for perforated graphic imagery used throughout the racing industry, with products associated with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, and Craftsman Truck Series, as well as the IndyCar Series. 
Image Gallery ExamplesThis image gallery illustrates use of our perforated films in applications that create valuable advertising space on one side, while preserving a clear view from the other.

perforated material sampleIn addition to material for use in graphic imagery, SPP micro-perforates a wide array of other products, i.e., acoustical panels and surfaces, filtration products, food packaging products, clean-room components, medical products, and many more. These numerous products function to filter, absorb, and/or diffuse various forms of energy and/or media. Our many different perforated products also function to enclose, divide, decorate, and/or ventilate physical entities.  Perforated one-way imagery and many other technologies pioneered by SPP have patents in place, as well as some patents pending.
 perforated HDTV speaker grill
We have thirty years of experience in perforating.  The combination of our perforating experience, the talents of our people, and our company resources enables us to build our own perforators.  Thus, SPP has the unique ability to develop new processes and products to meet specific customer requirements.

Customer satisfaction is the focus at Specialty Precision Perforating.  We achieve this priority through consistent on-time delivery of cost-effective, quality products.  Expert inventory control and JIT delivery are hallmarks of the service we provide.  Other services like our Total Inspection Process enable our customers to eliminate costs on their end with quality they can count on. 

Our parent company, SPI was designated one of the fastest growing private companies in America, ranking as one of the top 100 manufacturing companies in the Inc. 5000 for 2008 and 2009.

The Wall Street Journal Business Center film, "A Vision to Succeed" offers further insight into our unique capabilities.

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SPP has complete engineering (CAD, CNC, & EDM) capabilities in-house to design, build, and maintain all of the machinery and tooling required to meet customer expectations for soft-goods perforated products. We build precision tools and machines using advanced CNC programs. Progressive, high-speed computer controlled presses perforate holes and patterns to customer specification.  Our presses perforate material thickness from .001" to .030", hole diameters from .015" to 1.00" and widths up to 72 inches.

Perforated Medical MaterialMaterials
Paper, Plastic, Vinyl, PVC, Polyester, Fabrics,
Non-Wovens, Multi-ply laminates, film, and special customer materials

Stamping: Die cutting, Cut-Out, Embossing
Tear Perforations: 36" wide, any distance between tears
Slitting: Before or after perforating
Sheeting: 36" wide, any length
Rewinding: Any core size, widths to 54", 40" OD
Laminating: widths to 60"

Packaging/ShippingPerforated art photo
We package and ship to customer specification. Our packaging capabilities include shrink-wrap, palletization, custom box, and virtually any other configuration you can imagine... all designed to ensure zero loss of quality in transit. If you prefer for us to arrange shipping, we have secured advantageous rates with most major carriers, and have daily scheduled pickups.